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The Tummy Tuck That Changed My Life

Once upon a time I had a belly that I wasn’t proud of, that is until I got a TUMMY tuck orange county operation. For years I had been feeling about about how my stomach looked, I would never go to the beach or wear a bikini because of the extra flab. No matter how much I worked out the extra skin would stick around. It was haunting me until I finally chose to take action and get a tummy tuck.

I went to this clinic: I was satisfied with the results and would do it again if I had to although I’m really not much for operations especially an abdominoplasty. I was lucky enough that the doctors and nurses were very kind and caring they seemed to actually want to make life better for their patients.

I would continue to recommend this to anyone who needs to get rid of excess flab. Be warned though there was about 2 months of pain after the surgery, that was quite uncomfortable. Just know what you are getting yourself into.

My surgeon:

What Do The Best Dress Shirts Have in Common?

Whether dress shirts for men are made in Africa, South America, or Canada; what the best of them have in common is the  quality of the fabric from  which they are made of. The dress shirt shown in the above corresponds to Pakistan, it is quite different from a standard one which would have the end tucked in.

However, lets not go too far on this, again what makes  a shirt remarkable is cotton. Cotton has been present in history all the way from ancient times to current ones. It is the softest of fabrics, and it is just that everlasting. This especial fiber grows around the seeds of particular plants called Gossypium.

The process of transforming such fibers into shirts is quite refined and delicate. It requires high expertise and proper tools.

The result of such is simply amazing, especially if all of it is pure in a shirt. You can tell the difference once you wear a dress shirt made of premium cotton. Strength and comfort are two key things to look after. This site gives some good examples of high quality shirts made of pure cotton.

Another way to test if a shirt is made of true cotton is the following: remove a threat from the shirt and burn it, as the threat is burning, it should be still with grey smoke.

In conclusion, 100% cotton is a must requirement that every shirt should satisfy.



What is going to be the future of clothing?


Eden and Eva were expelled from heaven because they fell shame about being naked. Ever since then, people start to wearing clothes.

At first, they were wearing animal fur from the animal they hunt. After that, they weave the plates that can be used to make into fabric, such as cotton and silk. With the evolution of civilization, many different divisions of labor showed up based on each one’s specialization. That’s when the  “tailor” job came up.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, mass production shirts become common to everyone, but people are different from one another, so they tend to dress one of a kind shirts.  Bespoke shirts are the typical creation due to that psychology.

However, it takes time to do tailored shirts, and nowadays people do everything online. Thus the future of clothing is going to the online tailored shirts, no doubt at all.


What You probably didn’t know about ties

newDIFFTies have been a very important part in men’s lives. You may as well say that they are used in all different types of situations such as a wedding party, birthday part, date, or an executive speech.

It gives men just the look they need to be part of a world of elegance and sophistication.

The most essential detail of ties is the way they are tied. There are countless ways to tie a necktie knot such as the Windsor knot and the Pratt knot. In fact, some may even say that there are enough necktie knots for everyday of the year.

They may go as far as to add that there are different ways to tie each tie knot and end up making the exact same form of tie knot. Indeed, most men are not even aware that there are more than just 3 tie knots as they most likely know just one or two.

This is often the case in just about anywhere. The exception would be men who work in the fashion industry and always look for ways to look stylish and fashionable.

However, this does not mean that all men from other industries are as fashionable as men from the fashion industry.

Necktie knots are an art of manliness and belong to all men regardless of their nature or profession.


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